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There is a difference between a news article on a international topic and news article from an international source. For a student in this course, its important to differentiate between the two. 

For example: A story about the ongoing Syrian Conflict as written by an American reporter and published by the Washington Post will have a very different perspective than that of one from reporter who writes for Russian media. This guide will help you identify the difference between sources and provide 4 different sites to get reporting from international sources.

We'll start on Library Guide Page for International Studies, specfically for international news papers. This page can be a great starting point for your assignment

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This page will be a helpful starting point for your News Cast assignment as it provides a lot of links to databases and sites for international news. Before you get too excited about having a lot answers in front of you, we need make sure you can differentiate between an American source and International one.

Click on the Link "Article 1" then, click on the right arrow below  to continue.

Just by looking at this article, answer the following questions...

What is the name of this newspaper?

What is the country of origin for this publication? (hint: you can read the Company Profile Here section here to learn more)

Is this an international newspaper?


Hopefully you were able to read the masthead at the top of the page and determine that this article is from the "New York Times," published in the United States and that it is not a international newspaper.

Let's try another news source. Click on the link below 

Article #2

After viewing part of this article, answer the following questions:

Where is this paper published?

Does this source provide a non-American perspective on international affairs?

Is the Times of London an international news source?

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Looking at the previous article, we know that the Times of London is an international news source and would be an acceptable source for an issue. 

So far we have looked at two Western Publications: One a domestic resource with an internaional story, another international newsource covering an international story. For the next exercise, we should look to an eastern source.  Click on this link to Article #3 and answer the questions. Be sure to check your answers. 

Is this a neutral news article, or an opinion piece? Can you detect any opinion?

Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the "About Us" section, how many continents does Al Jazeera have bureaus in?


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The previous article from Al Jazeera offer a neutral, factual report on the Syria conflict. This could be an excellent article for facts and information, but doesn't necessarily offer a contrasting perspective on the action. This is an international source, but it doesn't offer a contrasting view. 

Our final article is from the Syria Times

Is this article supportive of the Syrian government, or does it side with the Western World?

The Syria Times is an international news source and it is also a mouthpiece of the Syrian government as noted in the "About Us" page:

"The Syria Times is an official daily e-newspaper in English, issued by Al-Wehda Establishment for Press, Printing, Publishing and Distribution, affiliated to the Ministry of Information."

You could consider this as an exceptional contrasting source for your newscast.

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There are many ways to find international news source, but it can be difficult and time consuming.

The library would like to offer three sources for great content. They are...

Westlaw News - A news aggregator service

Inkdrop International NewsPapers  - a curated list of International news sites. - Google News can be used effectively for this assignment by changing the Edition. 

Dropdown menu showing different editions of google news

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Knowing what to look for and where to look for it will make this assignment much easier for you over all.

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What perspective does the reporting of New York Times come from?

Is this linked article from an international source?

If you found an article from a German Newspaper online, would that be considered an international news source?

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