How to Book a Group Study Room

Open KAML Study Room Availability in another browser window to work through this tutorial side by side.

Need to check out a Group Study Room?

Find the link to My Account in the upper right area of the library home page. Log in with your Internet username and password.

My Account link on library home page

View the Group Study Room Availability page.

  • 11 group study rooms (shown in calendar format) can be booked by students in advance. If not booked, these rooms are available for immediate checkout by students or faculty/staff.
  • 10 rooms (shown across the top of the page) available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Use the right arrow below to continue . . .

The page defaults to today's date.

Use the "Pick a date" calendar if you wish to change the view to a future date. 

 choose any date in the future by clicking on the Date text below bookable.

Choose a room that will accommodate the size of your group. Note the room number and time available.

Darkened time slots indicate that a room is already booked or currently checked out.

Tip: Remember, if a bookable room is not available at the time desired, a non-bookable room may be available.

Use the right arrow below to continue . . .

You can book a room by clicking on the room links at the top of the Availability Page, or choose one below.

Annex250, Annex255, Annex260, Lib239, Lib305, Lib309, Lib405, Lib413, Lib470, Lib478, Lib480

Click , then select the  button 

You will be taken to the next screen to choose the date and time frame for your booking.

1. Choose the date for your booking.

2. Choose the start time. Please note that our booking service uses a 24-hour-clock system.

3. Choose the end date. This must be the same as the start date.

4. Choose the end time.

Note: Rooms can be booked for three hours or less. 

Click on the Request button. You will receive a confirmation message.

You can view your booking details and other information about your library account from the My Account link.

Use the right arrow below to continue . . .

Be sure to sign out if you are using a public computer.

Tips for a better group study room experience:

  • Return the room key to the Circulation desk on time. A $1 fine is assessed for any portion of an hour that a room is late.
  • If you don't claim your group study room within the first 15 minutes of your scheduled booking, the room will be released to other users.
  • You are limited to one room reservation at a time.
  • Faculty and staff may not book a room in advance but may check out any available room.
  • Due to high demand, study rooms are not renewable.
  • If all rooms are booked or loaned, you can still be placed on a waiting list for paging.

Any issues with booking? Contact the Martin Library Circulation desk at 218-726-6120.

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