Introduction and review

Meet Academic Search Premier, one of the library's databases!

This tutorial will guide you through the process of using this database. Before completing this tutorial, be sure to view the Find Articles tutorial.

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Keyword searching

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You can search for articles in this database by typing keywords into the search boxes on the right, like so:

 Search boxes in Academic Search Premier containing keywords "dog," "adoption," and "animal shelters"

Good keywords are...

Keyword searching

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Let's see what happens when you search using some of the keywords you brainstormed in your first library session.

Narrowing your results

On your results page, you may find articles from magazines, news sources, and academic journal articles. If you found no or only a few results, it's possible that your keywords were too specific, or that you misspelled something.

Look on the left side of the database page for some options you can use to narrow your results.

Finding articles

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Find an article in your results that looks relevant to your research topic, and click on the title to find out more about it.

On the page for your article, you'll find all the information you'll need to cite the source, and links to locate the full text. Full text links will look like this:

HTML full text link

Find It icon

PDF full text link

Save or print a copy of the article you found and bring it with you to your next library session.

Finding articles

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Once you've found an article that works for your topic, you can use it to help you locate other articles.


Thanks for completing this tutorial! We'll spend time answering any questions you have about this database in your next library session.

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